65 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience In Harrisburg

When involved in a dispute, wouldn't you like to know how the other side operates and what they are likely thinking?

At the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, we are criminal defense attorneys who are familiar with the tactics, strategies and procedures of the prosecutors responsible for making your charges stick.

How? Our legal team includes a former prosecutor who worked for three years to prosecute charges like the ones you now face. We know what prosecutors can and can't do, how hard they'll likely push to maximize penalties, and how they'll likely go about strengthening their case against you.

The result? A skilled defense team that is on your side and well-prepared to effectively defend your rights at each step in the criminal process.

We have handled thousands of cases and our track record includes countless cases of acquittal, reduced and dismissed charges. Learn more about our lawyers' individual backgrounds by clicking below:

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