I have known Attorney Elizabeth Pasqualini since 2008 when she was a Public Defender for Dauphin County. She was a BEAST then and has been a BEAST since. She gets her shit done. She have helped alot of people get their lives back. It's not all about money, it's her commitment and her dedication that inspired me. We are not seen as clients but instead as one of her family member. And for that, I admire and adore her work ethic and ability to help the community. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs her help. Her determination is outstanding.


I recommend Elisabeth K. H. Pasqualini, she is a wonderfully person; she don't sugarcoat nothing she do homework and she take her job serious. I can say my lawyer did her job I had three pending case against me she did her research and told me this is what we can do, I walked in the court house with some pending charges. I could did jail time or probation. I walked out of there with a little fine in some community service.

Criminal Defense client

Jeff is the fourth attorney that I have worked with regarding custody of my son. My previous attorneys were neither knowledgeable of the law as it applied to my case nor followed through on the actions they said they would take. Not only did Jeff know what he was doing, but he did everything that he said he would in a timely fashion. Given that my case involved an international relocation, allocation of sole custody for residency purposes abroad, and a non-custodial parent who was anything but cooperative, there was a high likelihood that my case would be unsuccessful with even the potential of being ordered to return to the US to maintain physical custody of my son. Today my child and I are happily living abroad and I was able to obtain the residency permit for my son to remain here. I attribute the success of my case to Jeff and his firm. They handled everything beautifully and were able to minimize our anxiety throughout a difficult process. Thank you!

Child Custody client

Talent above and beyond

Posted by Keith
June 12, 2014

I had the pleasure of having Nichole defend me against my ex. Needless to say on our first hearing I was nervous even with Nichole by my side. After the first hearing I was begging to go back. You talk about opening a can of Whoop A__. It was priceless to see her work, all the right questions and answers. Not that I am in any hurry to go back for the remaining rounds, but one thing for sure my nervousness will be pity for the other side.

Highly recommended!! Mr. Jeffery B. Engle is one if the best lawyers I have ever met...He goes above and beyond his call of duty...I can't thank him enough for what he has done for my Father and me...
again I thank you very much...


We love you, Elisabeth! You are a "for real" woman!

Tara Green

The Best of the Best

Posted by Miranda
September 29, 2015
Hired attorney

Nichole is always there when I need her. She has tremendously made a huge difference in my custody case, without her my life would be totally different.

Her professionalism is top knock. She is always ready to be stern when needed to the opposing party as well. She knows her stuff all the way!!!!!

I am very pleased with every single ounce of what she can do as my attorney.

Mr. Engle took our case and worked diligently from the time we hired his firm until our case was resolved. In addition he kept us well informed throughout the process with emails, letters, and phone conversations.

I have worked with a number of law firms in the past 10 plus years and Attorney Engle is one of the best. He does not make you feel as if you are a burden to him when you ask questions. He has a great personality and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. He makes no promises due to the fact he is not a fortune teller but he will do everything possible to have a positive outcome for your case.

I recommend Attorney Engle and his Law Firm and hold nothing but positive praise for him and his team.

Paul W

Excellent lawyer and extremely professional

Posted by Sean
March 22, 2016
Hired attorney

Nichole has been extremely helpful with guiding me through both a custody case as well as a divorce case. There have been numerous hiccups and "odd" situations that have popped up, but throughout it all Nichole has done everything in her power to ensure that I have ended up with a good outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attorney.

Dear Miss Elisabeth,

I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back! Everyone told me I should just plead guilty but I knew I didn't do what they said I did. You believed in me and gave me the courage to tell the jury my side of the story and explain why I signed a confession when I never committed that crime. I was very scared during the trial but I felt good knowing you believed in me. I am a free man today because of you. God bless you.


From the minute you call Jeff Engle's office, you are treated with first class respect and service. Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case. From the time of retainment, Jeff's use of electronic forms of communication keep you up to date to the minute whenever there are developments and progress in your case. This type of communication is nearly unheard of in ANY profession. Many times, I knew that Jeff was taking his personal time to communicate with me. Jeff presents himself as a very knowledgeable and able attorney with sincere personal interest in the success of your case. During times of uncertainty, having someone of Jeff's demeanor at your side will simply make you feel that no matter what the outcome may be, he is right there with you. There was not one time during the course of my case that I felt Jeff was not thoughtful and prepared for. I cannot say enough for the level of professionalism this man presents while representing you as a client.


We found Elizabeth Pasqualini to be fully engaged in all aspects of our case. She was proactive, caring and accessible. We felt she was the strongest legal advocate we could have and feel very fortunate that she represented us. We highly recommend her.


Excellent and Practical Legal Advice

April 25, 2016
Consulted attorney

We have sought Nichole's advice on various family and criminal problems. Her advice was thoughtful and practical and provided the guidance we needed to successfully deal with our legal situations.

As a co-counsel, Jeff was superb. An important client to me needed specialized legal services, and Jeff really came through. He went above and beyond, protecting her interests, while helping me to preserve a positive, professional service locally. I cannot recommend him enough as an attorney and as co-counsel in particular.

Jonathan Dills

Competent Attorney, Amazing results for DUI case

Posted by a Criminal Defense client
September 7, 2014

Nichole handled my DUI case and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. She was knowledgeable, professional, and kept me fully informed of all of my options. It took a while for my case to proceed through the system, but the not guilty verdict was well worth the wait.

I am a current client of Mr. Engle, handling both my divorce complaint and my child custody issues. Though the issues are complicated, Mr. Engle and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive. I never have to wonder if he received my note/email, as he always responds in a timely manner. I absolutely recommend Jeffrey B. Engle for legal services needed. Thanks!


"Our experience with Shaffer & Engle was beyond our expectations. Elisabeth is absolutely an amazing attorney! We were expecting to get about a 50% reduction in our case, but she surpassed that and got BOTH of the traffic tickets completely thrown out! Saving us from a driver's license suspension of up to 18 months long! She's spectacular! We recommend Shaffer & Engle to everyone and anyone, even if you are unsure if you have a case. Just ask them, they will explain all of your options and in plain English so that it makes sense to you! Elisabeth is unlike any attorney we have ever met. Very open, honest and down-to- earth......she speaks her mind freely and loudly! It gave us a more comfortable feeling having her represent us and our case! Again, Thank you so much Elisabeth, we greatly appreciate all you did for us! We will call Shaffer & Engle first for all of our future legal matters!"

Thanks again,

Katie & Derrick

Hired the Law Office to handle the new Adam Walsh Act law going into effect December 20, 2012. State of PA and State Police was requiring that I register under the new law. Not only required to register but also changing my Tier level from Tier 1 to Tier Pending. Originally was required to register as a Tier 1 for 10 years but under the new law they were requiring to register for life.

Attorney Engle took the case and fought from the day he was hired until the case was resolved. This is the only Law Firm I have dealt with that work diligently and kept us well informed throughout the case.

Our case Won on two levels:

  1. I am no longer required to register under the new Adam Walsh Act
  2. Successfully removed my name from the Sex Offender Registry. I am no longer listed on State or Federal Megan Law web site.

I have worked with several Law firms over the past 10 years and Attorney Engle is the best Attorney. He treats you with respect, has a great personality, keeps you informed, makes you feel comfortable, and takes time to answer any questions. He fought for my rights where not too many attorneys out there will. AND he WON our case against the State Attorney General and the Pennsylvania State Police.

I will recommend this Law Firm to anyone that need legal representation no matter what the case might be. Big or small this is the law firm you want to hire. I cannot nor can anyone predict the same outcome but they will fight for your best interest.

Dear Elisabeth, November 5, 2012

A Real Attorney

Posted by a Child Custody client
June 16, 2014

I have worked with this attorney for over two years. I had almost given up hope on a legal system that was failing me in a brutal custody and divorce case. Then I found Attorney Collins. Her demeanor is thoughtful and pleasant, but rest assured she is tenacious, hard-working and gifted at representing her clients in court. She really knows the law, has a lot of common sense and has worked tirelessly (even giving up personal time) to help me achieve favorable results. For instance, my prior jaded attorneys refused to help me fight for support, but Nichole dug her heels in and I got support. She has a fantastic memory for facts and details that help her win in court. And she does this all by being level-headed, pleasant and fair.

I wanted to thank you for the Support & Defense you provided me with on my last minute court case, you didn't have to defend me and told me to take a hike, buy you have a heart and that means a lot to some people.


Dear Elisabeth 10/9/2012

From the minute you call Jeff Engle's office, you are treated with first class respect and service. Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case. From the time of retainment, Jeff's use of electronic forms of communication keep you up to date to the minute whenever there are developments and progress in your case. This type of communication is nearly unheard of in ANY profession. Many times, I knew that Jeff was taking his personal time to communicate with me. Jeff presents himself as a very knowledgeable and able attorney with sincere personal interest in the success of your case. During times of uncertainty, having someone of Jeff's demeanor at your side will simply make you feel that no matter what the outcome may be, he is right there with you. There was not one time during the course of my case that I felt Jeff was not thoughtful and prepared for. I cannot say enough for the level of professionalism this man presents while representing you as a client.


Amazing Attorney - Very Personable, Knowledgeable and Works Hard To Address Your Needs

Posted by Matthew
May 27, 2015

I cannot thank Nichole enough for her dedication to my case and her knowledgeable advice. She is a great attorney who knows the law and can help you with your legal needs as she has for my own. I can also say she is very dependable and responds promptly to any inquiries you may have with her as your attorney. I would highly recommend her for any of your legal matters. A++

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the professional effort and conduct of Jeff Engle... My case was my first experience in the need for such assistance and representation and to say that I was mortified and filled with trepidation, does not fully describe my emotional condition at the outset of my case.... Jeff, however, approached me with a professional calm and assurance that soon set my mind and nerves at ease... Though the courts took two years to resolve and expunge my situation, Jeff was there whenever I needed him, and with that same sense of ease that made the journey for the most part painless... And as I required the utmost in privacy during this process, he and his staff were (without error) able to keep all communication from the courts in hand and private... Many thanks to Jeff and firm... JK

Nichole-Highly Recommended!

Posted by Brandy
September 30, 2015
Consulted attorney

I cannot begin to thank Nichole enough for her help with my recent contract issue. I was overwhelmed at first, but knowing I had her in my corner made things so much easier. My case was very time sensitive, but that was not an issue for her. Nichole was extremely responsive and knowledgeable through the entire process and the results speak for themselves. I have already recommended Nichole to a friend and will continue to do so.

My story starts with a simple speeding ticket that turned into a year-long suspension. I went to pay a ticket in March of 2010 and wrote the check for the wrong amount of money (.39 over). I never received any notice at my current address for suspension or that the ticket was paid incorrectly. I had a few recent infractions other than that ticket also. Due to the fact that I paid the ticket wrong they suspended my license in May of 2010 and I didn't even know until March of 2011 when I went to renew my license and was informed that it wasn't even valid. I paid the ticket in question which gave me my license back for a short amount of time until those points where added which took me up to 13 total points and another 130 days of revocation! I waited too long to deal with it and wasn't aware of the complicated process it took to appeal, that is when I Shaffer and Engle law offices. I got Mr. Engle (partner) on the phone almost immediately and he did a free consult with me. Within approximately 24 hours Mr. Engle had filed all the paper work needed for a late appeal and had the ball rolling on my case. I was seeking employment at the time so having a license was very important. It took a little bit of time to get my court date but Shaffer and Engle law offices came through and had my license reinstated and I am also gainfully employed now with much thanks to Shaffer and Engle law offices. I had a wonderful experience with Shaffer and Engle law offices; they fixed my problem as soon as possible and did it for a reasonable price.


Harrisburg, PA

Jeff provided us with clear advice and immediate responses to my multitude of questions and concerns. We are grateful our case is finally settled and would certainly recommend him.


Exemplary attorney

Posted by Glen
June 30, 2014

Attorney Collins represented me in the most professional manner. I had the best possible outcome. I am grateful for her insight, her promptness, and her support for me. She has my highest recommendation for her knowledge, analytical skills, and demeanor.

At the law offices of Shaffer & Engle, my case was handled with professionalism, compassion, and dedication. Facing criminal charges was a very frightening experience to me, but I knew I was in good hands with Jeff Engle. I had no past experiences with the judicial system. I felt I was treated with courtesy and dignity. Jeff did everything within his legal powers to provide a great service when I was in need. From my experience with Jeff, he has been more than a lawyer; he is now considered a great new friend of my family. He took a personal interest in my case and for that I am eternally grateful. Jeff always delivered on what he said to me and did everything he set out to do. Jeff fought the prosecutor (DA) every step of the way without hesitation. Jeff advised me appropriately and always responded to my calls promptly. What could have been a truly awful situation was resolved completely to my satisfaction. I am available at any time to address any questions with respect to Jeff Engle as an attorney or as a person. I hold him in the highest regard. If anyone ever wanted to see the definition of what a true attorney is...they should be able to open up a dictionary and see a picture of Jeff next to it. I would and will recommend him and his law firm to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and aggressive law firm or criminal defense attorney.

Tara Keener

Thank you Jeff Engle and staff for all the hard work on my case. I was very pleased with the service that was provided to me as well as the outcome. Your firm was truly a blessing to me and I would recommend anybody needing legal assistance to seek the best with Shaffer and Engle Law Firm.


Thank you for taking my case and winning it! As you can see, I received my New York license today. Without your counsel and direction, this would have been an ongoing nightmare.

I will without hesitation, recommend you and your firm to my friends, family and colleagues in PA.


Thank you for going above and beyond for the client I referred to you, but more importantly, thank you for the fantastic result. She was my most important client, and you really came through.

Attorney John Dils, NC

"Jeff has helped me in the past with 3 speeding tickets and I know he is a good person."



Glad to hear you like them (flowers and Belgian chocolates). Thanks again for all the help. I dare to say that I have learned my lesson in Pennsylvania... buy a radar detector.

Take care,

Top Rated Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer in Central PA, Hands Down!

Posted by Michael K
September 15, 2014

The law offices of Shaffer and Engle in Harrisburg PA have always been top notch, and Nichole Collins proves that hands down. My divorce and custody case is not a normal situation. There were a lot of variables and situations where Nichole proved her weight in gold. I am a father going for custody of my daughter and my son, who has Autism. She understood my situation and my son's struggle intelligently due to her background as a Psychology undergrad. As with all the attorneys of Shaffer and Engle, meetings and hearings where always professional, organized and to the point. Nichole went above and beyond the call of duty and representative me as an individual not just as another client. Thank you for your continuing hard work and effort.

Excellent Attorney and is very Trustworthy!!

Posted by a Child Custody client
August 27, 2014

She's very dependable, honest, and very easy to talk to. She always returns my calls in a timely manner. She's a hard worker and she knows her stuff. I feel she always had my back and was working for me. And she even goes above and beyond if the situation calls for it. I had a very positive experience.

Dedicated is an understatement

Posted by Janay
June 12, 2014

From the first day Ms. Collins took our case, she made us feel like we were her only client. She keeps us in the loop at all times, has put such heart and dedication into the case, and really wants the best outcome. She is positive and makes an effort to keep our spirits up with humor and a different perspective. I know for a fact she puts a lot of her personal time into her work because she wants to do the best job possible, including weekends and holidays.

Jeff's advice is accurate. His knowledge and planning has delivered desired results. His responses and communications are above expectations. Everyone at Shaffer and Engle law are very helpful. I am glad to have met Jeff and his team. Thanks for your Help.



You are the best! I can't express how upset I was when I discovered that my builder committed fraud and lied to me about the quality and condition of my new house. It was a huge investment for me and he put me in a bad financial situation.

I was cautiously hopeful when you told me you could help. When you got me a judgment for $130,000 plus- three times the amount of my damages- I was amazed! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication. You really did make a "federal case" of my situation! With the money you won for me, I can finally enjoy my home.


Would highly recommend!

Posted by a Divorce client
August 29, 2014

Nichole handled a domestic matter for me and was excellent. She is very professional, knowledgeable and attentive. Nichole was timely in responding to me and made me feel at ease through a difficult time. She was also fantastic in the courtroom! I would definitely hire her again.

Because I live out of state, I needed representation that I could trust to best represent me and my interests. Jeff Engle provided regular, thorough counsel throughout the legal process. He treated me with respect and always made me feel like my case was his only priority.


I came to Shaffer & Engle Law Offices searching for hope after I entered a plea in my criminal case. I had a false allegation filed against me for a sexual offense that I did not commit. I was involved with another lawyer for 2 ½ years, when it came down to day before court we felt he was not prepared to represent me. I either took the plea of "Nolo Contendere" or went to jail the day of the trial. I felt trapped. I had this allegation against me and I was innocent.

I met with the Attorney Engle. He took the time to explain the process, understand the facts of my case and provide suggestions like retaining a private investigator. He offered to represent me and quickly moved to withdraw my guilty plea. That was granted by the court and we proceeded to prepare for trial. They uncovered many things that our other lawyer did not bother to investigate. They met with character witnesses after hours to make sure my defense would be solid. Long story short, the DA in my case withdrew the charges. I went from a convicted man to completely being vindicated.

Shaffer and Engle Law Offices also were able to assist me in another matter relating to the criminal case, but in civil court. The same results, all charges were dismissed.

I appreciate the work they did, their prompt service, care and attention they showed to me and my family. I found their services to be affordable when compared to what they did for me. I would highly recommend them for anyone charged with a crime that they did not do.


Reliable, Competent and Personable

Posted by Catherine
November 13, 2015
Hired attorney

Child Custody and Domestic Relations was a very scary thing for me, but Nichole was able to calm my fears, convey my needs and help me through the process. She continues to assist me throughout and has me and my child's best interest & needs at the forefront. I could not imagine doing this alone and she is the next best thing to my mother representing our interest. Nichole and her staff are friendly, reliable and responsive. She also has a tenacious side to her that I trust my concerns will be heard through her voice. She always has time for taking my calls and responding to our challenges even if that means it occurs on a Holiday or weekend (because Murphy's law says it will and has!). I am very pleased I chose Nichole to represent my daughter and I! We are in great hands!!!! Thanks Nichole and staff!

My opinion of Nichole Collins

Posted by Lester
August 28, 2014

I hired Nichole about a year ago for my criminal case. I couldn't be any more pleased about her performance for me. She was very knowledgeable on my case, she kept me informed about everything she did and why she did it .Nichole also worked on my domestic case and got me some custody of my 2children.She is very easy to talk to and she is just a very nice person. I had confidence in everything she told about the case. She is a real professional .I would definitely use her services again. Nichole is just a very nice person and she really cares about her clients. Thank you Nichole! Great outcome to my case. I couldn't be happier!

You get what you pay for

Posted by a Child Custody client
June 10, 2014

I had a excellent experience with Nichole Collins representation. I had other attys before and she was by far the best to handle my case. Granted the price tag was high in the end but I couldn't put a price on my children. She was always responsive and carries herself professionally in court.