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Criminal charges have serious, long-lasting impact

Many people know about the penalties that come with criminal charges, such as jail time or fines. Those convicted of a crime are not off the hook after these penalties though. Having a criminal record can affect a person for the rest of their life, seemingly continuing the punishment for years and years to come.

How does a criminal record affect someone's future? And is there anything that can be done to start moving forward again?

What to do if you are under criminal investigation

It is a critical moment: strangers show up at your door or your office and "need to ask a few questions." It seems like a harmless enough request, though you may wonder who they are and why they are speaking to you. Many people do not realize how dangerous this situation is. If this happens, you are likely under investigation for a crime. How you respond in the next few moments could affect the rest of your life.

Duration of Registration Requirements Under Megan's Law II and SORNA

Language in Megan's Law II for lifetime registration as a sexual offender requires an act, conviction, and a subsequent act and conviction, not convictions for two or more offenses before convictions and sentences on one.