Are you facing DUI-related homicide charges?

An accident occurred and someone died. Now you are being charged with "homicide while DUI." But is that really true?

A homicide with DUI charge has a three-year mandatory prison sentence. If a person died because you were driving negligently, you could also be charged with criminal negligence and face an additional first-degree misdemeanor charge with no prison time.

The homicide charge rests solely on whether or not it can be proven that you were legally drunk at the time. For most drivers, that means blowing a .08 on the Breathalyzer, though for commercial drivers with CDLs or school bus drivers the level for intoxication is .04 and for underage drivers it's .02.

Your future rests on the drunk driving case. That is an area of strength for the defense attorneys at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC.

If you are charged with homicide while intoxicated, then speak to experienced state and federal defense lawyer Elisabeth K.H. Pasqualini as soon as possible. Call 717-827-4074 now.

Thorough Investigation To Build A Solid Defense

We have extensive experience handling any and all types of DUI/DWI cases. Whether it's your first offense or you have prior DUI charges, we will investigate your case and advise you of your defense options, asking questions like:

  • Why did the officer think you were drunk?
  • How was the breath test or blood alcohol test administered?
  • Was it taken in a timely manner, within two hours of the arrest?
  • Was the blood sample handled properly? Contamination or improper handling can allow the blood itself to ferment, leading to a higher alcohol level when tested.
  • Were you taking a legal prescription medication that may have reduced your ability to drive safely, such as Nyquil for the flu or a painkiller?

There are a number of possible avenues for defense, and we will look at each one before determining the best course of action given your unique circumstances.

Don't Wait To Protect Your Rights

If Pennsylvania police have charged you with homicide while DUI, an attorney with experience handling such cases is essential. Contact a skilled attorney with experience handling vehicular homicide while intoxicated charges. In short, contact Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, in Harrisburg. We provide defense in state and federal courts throughout central Pennsylvania.

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