your options: cultivation and manufacturing charges

Do feel like you are facing a sure-fire conviction following charges of manufacturing or cultivating an illegal substance? A high percentage of drug charges do not result in a conviction or even a plea bargain.

Why? Because prosecutors must overcome numerous legal hurdles to make your charges stick. For instance:

  • Did police have a search warrant when entering your property? Without a warrant, certain searches or seizures are unconstitutional.
  • Did police pull over your car? Law enforcement officials can only pull you over if they have a " reasonable suspicion" that a violation has occurred.
  • Do police claim to have found drug-production paraphernalia, drug sales sheets or sale-ready drugs, or drugs in quantities that indicate an intent to distribute? Prosecutors may face significant obstacles in proving that materials and amounts indicate conclusively that you manufactured drugs or intended to sell drugs

At the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC we are skilled at analyzing criminal cases involving drug manufacturing and cultivation charges, and at achieving a dismissal of charges, an acquittal or reduction of charges based on evidence and facts of the case. If you have been charged with drug manufacturing or cultivation, we can help.

Have you been charged with the manufacture or cultivation of marijuana, methamphetamines/crystal meth or other illegal drugs? Contact Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC at 717-827-4074 for experienced legal help.

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Firm partner and attorney Jeff Engle has taken dozens of criminal cases to trial, both in the role of defender and as prosecutor with the district attorney's office. Elisabeth K.H. Pasqualini, Esquire, has successfully tried cases involving high-stakes drug manufacturing and cultivation charges. As such, our lawyer team can fully investigate your case and provide aggressive, knowledgeable legal help following drug-related charges.

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If you face drug manufacturing, cultivation, possession, trafficking or distribution charges, contact the experienced criminal defense law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Office, LLC. We provide free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend appointments and operate two offices for your convenience. To contact a lawyer, call 717-827-4074.

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