Embezzlement charges are brought against a wide range of everyday people — from the gas station cashier to the bank teller, from the church secretary to the financial manager. Anyone who handles cash, checks, money transfers or financial data can face criminal charges for misappropriation of funds, skimming or theft.

Often there is a reason for the theft — a medical problem, a drug or alcohol addiction, a problem with gambling. The employee took the money, usually intending to put it back at some point, but that didn't happen before a new manager was hired or vendors started to call asking about an altered check.

Whether it was an honest mistake or an actual breach of fiduciary duty, you are now facing criminal charges for theft, forgery or embezzlement. You need strong, knowledgeable and effective defense.

Legal Help When Things Have Gone Wrong

At the law office of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, theft crime defense attorneys Jeffrey Engle and Elizabeth K.H. Pasqualini have extensive experience defending clients facing state or federal criminal charges including embezzlement of funds. Whether you have been charged with changing the name on a $500 check or falsifying financial documents or title conveyance documents, he has decades of experience defending people against these crimes.

Protecting Your Rights And Reputation — We're On Your Side

People charged with embezzlement often have families, significant roles in the community, and a reputation to protect. A criminal charge is extremely embarrassing, and the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence is scary. That leads many people to deny any type of involvement.

You should know that you can speak honestly with your lawyer. It is my job to protect you and your legal rights. If you are not guilty of the charges, that will affect the defense strategy. We may ask for a lie detector test, for example, or employ a forensic expert to prove your innocence.

There may be sentencing options other than jail or prison time, depending upon the amount of money in question, whether you are able to make restitution, whether you have had any prior criminal offenses, and other life circumstances.

Are You Under Investigation? Contact Us Today.

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a theft or embezzlement crime, do not be afraid to speak to a lawyer. We can advise you of steps you can take to fix any innocent errors, or we may be able to negotiate an agreement with the damaged party that does not result in criminal charges against you.

For prompt, effective and skillful legal defense, contact a Harrisburg embezzlement attorney at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC at 717-827-4074. We have office in Harrisburg.

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