defend aginst charges for internet sex crimes

The Internet sometimes seems like an alternate reality — one where the rules don't apply or where they're not so clear. It can be tempting to say things and act in ways you wouldn't in person. What's more, the boundaries between legal and criminal aren't always straightforward. With law enforcement cracking down on Internet crimes, those who cross the blurry lines of Internet sex crimes can find themselves in serious trouble.

It's no wonder that people in your shoes are often shocked to learn they're facing criminal charges. At Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, we understand your feelings of surprise, worry, fear and shame. Our lawyers will apply 65-plus years of experience to defend you against charges such as:

These charges can derail your reputation and career — not to mention your freedom. Don't attempt to move forward without experienced, effective and understanding legal counsel.

What Our Experience Means For You

Our legal team brings some of the most comprehensive criminal defense legal experience to sex crime cases in central Pennsylvania. Attorney Jeffrey B. Engle is a former prosecutor. He has taught criminal law procedure courses both at a local college and to the Pennsylvania State Police. Likewise, lawyer Elisabeth K.H. Pasqualini has extensive experience handling complex, high-profile sex crime cases in state and federal court.

The result of this experience? Numerous cases in which we proved that sex crime charges were false or unprovable, resulting in an acquittal or dismissal of charges.

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