Defending against assault charges

When many people think of assault, they picture physical contact — punching, kicking or brawling. However, assault is much broader than that. You can be charged with assault for attempting to cause bodily harm. You can also face charges for placing someone else in fear of imminent harm.

Pennsylvania law establishes two types of assault charges:

  • Simple assault involves physical contact, attempted physical contact or fear of bodily harm. If there are any resulting injuries, they are temporary or minor. Examples include bruises, cuts and swelling.
  • Aggravated assault involves serious bodily injury (or an attempt to cause serious injury). If a deadly weapon was used — such as a gun, knife, bat or hammer — the case will usually be charged as aggravated assault.

These charges might involve strangers or acquaintances. They might also involve family or household members. In domestic abuse situations, the alleged victim can seek an order for protection, which would force you to stay away from your home and family members.

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How To Defend Against These Charges

The prosecution has the burden of proof — and that burden is high. As a result, there may be many angles from which to challenge the state's case. For example:

  • Perhaps prosecutors can't prove you had the intent to harm or injure someone.
  • Perhaps they can't prove it was you who committed the assault.
  • Maybe you were only attempting to protect yourself or others.

Self-defense is a make-or-break consideration in many of these cases.

Our attorneys can help you develop the strongest possible defense for your situation. Because our team includes a former prosecutor, we have a leg up in understanding the opposition's tactics. Let our experience be your advantage.

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