At the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, we understand that, when you lose your CDL you lose your career, your livelihood and, often, the opportunity to do the work you love. That is why, when a speeding or DUI/DWI charge threatens your right to drive a semi, tractor trailer or big rig, we work hard to provide aggressive, experienced legal help.

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Laws Governing Truck Drivers

Federal and state laws governing CDLs are harsh—significantly harsher than laws governing regular drivers' licenses. For instance, a conviction for driving while impaired will not result in the loss of a regular drivers' license but will result in a CDL for one year.

We are skilled at mounting an effective defense of DUI and speeding charges, and at fighting to protect your right to possess a valid CDL. We commonly contest CDL-related traffic violations based on:

  • Police machinery. Police speed-detecting machines, including the Accutrak, need to be calibrated regularly to provide valid results. Machines must also be one of several models that are accepted under Pennsylvania law.
  • Police operator error. Police officers are frequently not trained properly or fail to follow procedure. In a recent case a state trooper used the radar gun through the window, though glass and air conditioning can mar results. In another case, an officer used the radar in conjunction with a rear view mirror, also marring the results.
  • Roadway conditions. In busy traffic, the presence of other cars can lead to incorrect radar/Accutrak readings.

The result of our legal representation? Numerous successful cases, including dismissal of charges and reduced charges resulting in drivers' retention of commercial driving privileges. For more information regarding your rights and our criminal defense team, contact our firm.

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