It is important to realize that any police investigation into a crime may lead to a criminal charge. A criminal charge is a serious matter in and of itself because it may cast a cloud over you that is hard to alleviate. You may face consequences at work, at home or in the community if your name and photo appear on the news or in the paper. It may force you to resign from your job, lose your home in some instances or become a pariah in the community.

Obtain Counsel ASAP

It is crucial that you obtain counsel before you go to any interview with the police. You may think, " But if I go with counsel, won't that look like I'm guilty?" No, actually, it will look to the police like you're smart and you won't be easily intimidated.

The police detective, interviewer, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, children and youth advocate, victim advocate or district attorney may tell you things like "We just want your side of what happened." Or "We want to help you help yourself; if you just cooperate, we can help you." In reality, this is the furthest thing from the truth. The only people the government agents are attempting to help are themselves by having you fully or partially confess to a crime. If you confess or admit that you did something, it's much more difficult for a defense attorney to adequately defend you. The government agents know this and want to avoid entanglements with defense attorneys at all costs.

What You Can Do

It's best to meet with a lawyer ahead of time and discuss the case for possible strengths and weaknesses. We will need to assess whether we should even meet with the police. Many times, we will not recommend that you speak to any law enforcement. Sometimes, we may even have our own investigator look into the facts and evidence to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the commonwealth's case against you — before you are even charged.

The best result is that you are never charged. Or we may have you undergo a private polygraph examination. These are useful when provided to government agents ahead of time to show that you've passed a polygraph and should not be charged.

In short, it's difficult to regain a reputation once it has been lost. We understand that and will work hard to maintain your good reputation.

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