Protecting assets in divorce

Are you concerned about retaining key property during your marriage, or after your marriage in the event your marriage should end?

Marital asset protection can occur both before and after a marriage is begun. Often, property is most easily protected prior to your wedding. How? Legal solutions and options include:

  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts, which allow you to safely place ownership of property under the name of a third party
  • Prenuptial agreements, which can provide asset protection in the event of an unforeseen divorce. If both parties provide full and fair disclosure, prenuptial agreements can enforce parties' property ownership wishes. Prenuptial agreements are often especially useful for ensuring the property rights of children from previous marriages

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What's Exempt In Pennsylvania?

General knowledge of exemptions to marital property in Pennsylvania can be helpful as you formulate your asset protection strategy. With some exceptions, there are eight kinds of property that are exempt in Pennsylvania:

  • Property acquired prior to marriage or property acquired in exchange for property acquired prior to the marriage
  • Property excluded by a valid agreement of the parties
    Property acquired by gift, devise or inheritance, or property acquired in exchange for such property (with some exceptions)
  • Property acquired subsequent to final separation
  • Property that a party has sold or otherwise disposed of in good faith and for value prior to the date of the final separation
  • Some veterans' benefits
  • Property that has been mortgaged or otherwise encumbered in good faith and for value prior to the date of final separation
  • Any payment received as a result of an award or settlement for a cause of action or claim accruing prior to the date of the marriage or subsequent to the date of the final separation

We can help you prevent the commingling of any assets, draft a postmarital/antenuptial/postnuptial agreement and fully strategize your options. For more information regarding your marital property rights, contact our office.

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