Moms Don't Automatically Win Custody

Despite changes in the law, the old family court tendency to favor mothers' rights over fathers' rights in custody proceedings still looms large in the public consciousness.

Fortunately for fathers, the "Tender Years Doctrine" -- which presumed mothers to be the best choice to receive custody rights in custody disputes -- for all purposes was voided in 1977. Since then, custody awards to fathers are no longer a rarity.

What Is In The Child's Best Interest?

What is the current standard? The best interests of the child. Unfortunately, this terminology can be used to support a broad range of goals in many custody disputes. Because child custody laws are so inexact, both fathers and mothers have considerable leeway in arguing which custody and visitation arrangement will be serve the child or children.

If you are a father with concerns regarding paternity or child custody, the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC can help. Our attorney team brings a combined 65 years of legal experience to each case and together we have effectively resolved thousands of legal challenges and disputes.

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Negotiating Shared Custody

It is the public policy of the state of Pennsylvania to pursue continuing children's contact with both parents following a divorce or separation, and for the sharing of parental rights and responsibilities by both parents. We can meet with you, investigate the facts of your case and build a persuasive and strongest-possible case with which to pursue your rights as a father. For more information regarding our firm and your child custody, child support and paternity rights, contact our office.

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