special considerations for later-in-life divorcees

Our older female clients sometimes confess to some unease with being "singled out" in discussions regarding divorce law. But the fact is, older women often face unique personal and legal challenges during divorce.

Older women, for instance, may have worked as lifelong homemakers, dependent on husband's income and unable now to earn the income needed to live well. As we grow older, chronic illness, medical expenses and health insurance concerns may be paramount. And older women may need one-on-one help in determining full marital assets if unaccustomed to sharing in money management.

At the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC we understand, and can provide experienced legal help. We have helped hundreds of older women face the challenges of divorce and come through with a strong legal, financial and personal standing.

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Factors That May Impact Your Divorce

Older women's legal rights in divorce proceedings can revolve on almost countless legal issues. For instance:

  • Was your marriage long or short?
  • What will your living expenses be, and are they affected by child support or medical needs?
  • What are your earnings, if any, relative to your spouse's?
  • Did you support your husband while he attended school?

We can provide experienced, compassionate and aggressive legal help in all challenges related to divorce law, from child custody to marital property division to alimony/spousal support. For experienced legal help in pursuing your divorce law legal rights as an older woman, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion.

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