Divorce: Gaining Access To Hidden Information

The details of your family's life reach in numerous directions. Assets and disputed assets may be deposited in an account based thousands of miles away. Your spouse or former spouse may wish to relocate to another state. And, if you are the victim of domestic violence, relevant medical records and evidence may be housed in another part of the city.

In order to build a strong case in family law and divorce disputes, it is often difficult or even impossible to gather evidence from your home or from an attorney's office. That is why, at the Harrisburg law firm of Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC we enhance our legal services by using private investigators.

How Can Private Investigators Help?

Often, family law cases will be decided on factors such as employment opportunities in a new location, the presence of sex offenders in a new location, or the testimony of friends, teachers and others. This work cannot be performed well from a desk.

Private investigation can be instrumental in gathering evidence in a range of circumstances. For instance, an investigator can:

  • Locate assets
  • Locate and interview neighbors, nurses and other witnesses in domestic violence cases
  • Serve subpoenas regarding bank records
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Gather information regarding living conditions in child custody disputes

A recent case illustrates our effectiveness in using private investigators to effectively protect the rights of our family law clients. Our client's ex wife wished to relocate from Pennsylvania to New England, and to be accompanied by their child. Our investigator photographed her proposed new home and we presented the photos to the family law judge. The judge quickly determined that the structure would fail to provide our client's child with adequate housing, and ruled against the relocation.

Contact Us For Investigative Assistance

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