Providing A Salve For Financial Anxieties

If you are in the middle of a legal separation or a divorce, you are likely facing a great deal of uncertainty - especially concerning financial issues.

  • How will I pay the mortgage?
  • How will I support myself and my children?
  • How will our property be divided?

At Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, with offices in Harrisburg, we represent clients throughout Central Pennsylvania when these difficult questions arise in legal separation or divorce. Contact us today to discuss your concerns regarding spousal support with a trusted, dedicated divorce lawyer.

Key Concepts To Understand

We know that you likely have many questions regarding your financial future. We have provided the following definitions to enhance your understanding of spousal support/alimony:

  • Spousal Support. This refers to the financial support provided to a spouse after a legal separation and prior to the filing of a divorce complaint. Support can be based on a number of factors unique to the individual circumstances involved in the separation, including fault.
  • Alimony Pendente Lite (APL). This is a form of spousal support that one party can receive after the filing of the divorce complaint and prior to the issuance of a final divorce decree by the court. It is awarded when there is a variance in earning capacities. It serves to put both parties on an equal playing field regarding divorce litigation. Fault has no bearing on the issuance of this form of support.
  • Alimony. This is determined after a final divorce decree is entered by the court. This can be decided by the court, in negotiations, or in a postnuptial or marital settlement agreement. Alimony calculations are usually based on 17 different factors, including the earning capacities of the parties, expectation of inheritance, standard of living, length of marriage, age and health of the parties, as well as a number of other issues.

At Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, we typically advise clients to apply for both spousal support and APL during the divorce proceedings. We work with you to evaluate the unique circumstances of your case and determine what approach (litigation, negotiation, etc.) is best.

How Is Support Determined?

Alimony and spousal support are generally calculated at 30% of the difference between the spouses' net incomes after all involuntary withdrawals. This calculation varies where child support issues are also involved. Moreover, if one party remains in the house and is paying the full mortgage, that party can also apply for a mortgage contribution in addition to the initial calculation.

We will carefully evaluate all assets, debts, and other factors to develop a spousal maintenance agreement (and child support agreement) that is both fair and in the best interests of you and your children.

Get Help Securing Your Financial Future

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