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Juvenile Robbery Offender "Decertified" Back to Juvenile Court

A 15 year old armed robbery armed robbery suspect was recently decertified back to juvenile court. One of three defendants in the case, the 15 year old used a shotgun to rob a convenience store. His attorney, Elisabeth Pasqualini, presented evidence that he remained amenable for rehabilitation under the juvenile system, was not a danger to society, and should remain in the juvenile system. The York County Court of Common Pleas Judge agreed with Attorney Pasqualini over the District Attorney's objections.

Certain crimes, such as armed robbery, are immediately sent to adult court for criminal prosecution. If convicted as an adult, the juvenile would have faced 5-10 years in a State Correctional Facility. However, if an attorney is able to successfully prove to the court that the juvenile is still amenable to treatment in the juvenile system, the juvenile will remain in the juvenile justice system. As such, the child may undergo placement at a juvenile facility, where they may complete their education, in less than 3 years.

It is important to have competent counsel that knows the law as it relates to the juvenile justice system. Both Attorney Engle and Attorney Pasqualini, have extensive experience in this system. Attorney Engle, as a juvenile hearing examiner for 7 years, dealt as a judge with these cases. Attorney Pasqualini has handled hundreds of such matters successfully.