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  • Expungement or Pardon- What's the Difference?
    Expungement or Pardon- What's the Difference?

    An expungement will be granted by a court of common pleas when certain enumerated circumstances have been met. A Pardon is granted by the Governor of PA upon application and a hearing before the Board ...

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  • My Spouse
    My Spouse "Dropped" me from Our Insurance Coverage!

    It is illegal for one spouse to drop another from life or health insurance coverage during the course of the marriage, but before the entry of a final divorce decree. It is illegal to do it when ...

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  • A Bad Faith 'PFA'
    A Bad Faith 'PFA'

    Too many times, a plaintiff has filed a 'PFA' based on 'bad faith. I have represented numerous defendants in Protection from Abuse filings before the court. Often times, the allegations are not always ...

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