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Hershey Summer Concert Series

Drugs, alcohol and underage drinking

By Attorney Elisabeth Pasqualini, Criminal Law Division Leader, Harrisburg, PA

Like clock-work the Summer Concert Series in Hershey breathes new life into the air around the Park and its attractions. However, the air that it breathes is sometimes laden with alcohol and smoke. The off-shoot of the Series is arrest after arrest for underage drinking, DUI, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia for the local Derry Township Police Department.

This is particularly true if you travel from out-of-state destinations where, let's just say, things are a little lax on the enforcement side. If you are less than 21 and you show up at Hershey with beer, wine, wine coolers, hard alcohol in your vehicle, prepare to be cited. In PA, the resulting penalty is a 90 day loss of your Class C driver's license and a $200 fine. No questions asked. They do not deal.

Likewise, if you are caught with marijuana, the fine and penalties include up to $500 and a 30 day jail sentence. You will receive a 1 year Class C driver's license suspension. No questions asked. They do not deal.

There are some alternatives, such as ARD or the APPY program that will allow your record to be cleaned up and expunged. However, license suspensions abound and there are only a few tricks that can help. The ramifications to your future may be enormous.

If you live locally or are from another state, get experienced local counsel that can help. We have experience as prosecutors and defenders in Hershey, PA.