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Preparing for Court- Look Your Best

It is always important to look your best

Attending family court and conferences with clients always can provide some surprises from the court or the conference officer. You must know your case, study the law about that case and be ready for anything the court may throw at you. However, the last surprise that you want is from your client.

You must always dress and look your best. It often goes without saying that when attending a court proceeding, you should wear nice clothes, have good hygiene and be at your best. I always tell clients to dress as if you were going to a job interview. "Dress as if you are interviewing not for the job you want, but the one that you will have." That means arriving on time, being sharply dressed in nice attire and well-groomed. No wrinkles or smudges. Hair and make-up in place. Leave a half-hour earlier than you think you need. It's no crime to be early.

The judge will react to you better if you look your best. Remember that a judge is there to assess your credibility. You find people everyday that appear credible. They dress sharp, act sharp and are sharp. You need to be one of those people. Contact Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC to discuss your family law case.