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Solving Out-of-State Driver's Licensing Problems

Before pleading guilty to a traffic citation, it is important to check your home state's point and suspension schedules

I usually hear from an out-of-state driver after they have been convicted in PA of a "points violation" and want to appeal it because they have learned about their home state's consequences the hard way. It is important to get a grasp on what the points schedule is in your home state before pleading guilty in PA. PA and 41 other member states have an agreement, known as an 41 compact states that allows for your home state to record the conviction of PA on your license.

Take New Jersey for instance:

Points in New Jersey range from 2 to 8 points per violation. 12 or more points accumulated in any period can result in a suspension. It is a 2 point violation in New Jersey for the offense of NJSA Section 39:4-81, "Failure to Observe a Traffic Signal." However, in PA, the same offense Title 75 Pa.C.S.A. Section 3111, "Disobedience to Traffic Control Devices" is a 0 point violation. Further, any "Moving Violation out-of-state" is a 2 point violation. Most attorneys in PA will get an out-of-state driver a plea to a 3111, thinking they have saved them points because it is a 0 points violation in PA. Not true every time, as is the case here.

You will want an attorney that is experienced with traffic citations in PA and also in the 41 compact states. At Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC, we have handled traffic citations exclusively for 5 years and have dealt with violations from each of the 41 compact states.