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"Self Help" is not Always the Best

Self Help Divorce/Custody forms can be fraught with peril

I was recently searching for assets owned by a client's soon-to-be ex-spouse, when I came across a "self help" divorce site. It piqued my interest so I clicked on. Here's how it read:


  • Divorce Basics: Paperwork, Fees, Going to Court, & more...

  • Real Estate in Divorce

  • Forms - Divorce/Dissolution

Forms to Start a Divorce

Forms to Respond After Being Served with a Petition

More Divorce Forms...

  • Laws, Rules & Resources on Divorce

  • Self-Help Services in the Courts

It provided links to professionally prepared documents that could be purchased for a price. The service to assist you in filing your divorce or custody complaint was a low low price of only $139. The forms were straight forward and easy to read. For me. I graduated high school, spent 4 years in undergrad, 3 long years in law school, studied for and passed the bar exam, and have spent years in practice.

You see my point. I had a friend that actually came to me for help in his divorce. I offered him a discount. He chose, instead, to use one of these services. The service provides a packet of materials that have slips of paper attached that read "if you sign the now, instead of waiting or send it to us to soon, there will be an additional $89 servicing fee." The little slips were tagged all over the documents. It was hard for me to understand what they wanted him to do. It took me 2 weeks and $300 in court fees to fix his mess.

Abraham Lincoln said it best..."Only a fool hath himself for a client." Except, Lincoln was a lawyer. Don't leave your case to yourself. Get professional help. We provide free 5-minute phone consults. We will discuss your case openly and honestly. If you need a consult, we will meet at our offices. Call us toll free or email us today.