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Possession of Marijuana Charges See Rise in Hershey

Possession of marijuana, as expected, is a popular charge at the Hershey Summer Concert Series

As predicted, the police in and around Hershey have been busy this season. There have been numerous arrests and complaints filed against concert goers for possession of marijuana, underage drinking, transportation of alcohol, corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors. So many reports are in the news, that public figures, such as John Mayer have railed against the concert goers to "please be smart, wait until you are legal (to drink)."

It is important to remember, there are two (2) types of possession. There is actual or direct possession. An immediate possession or control over the item that is illegal. This means, it's in your hand, pants, coat, jacket, sweater. It's on your person. Then, there's constructive possession. It is within your realm of control. You have the ability to exercise control over what is illegal. It's in your buddy's hand that is standing next to you. Both types of possession apply to marijuana and alcohol (if you are underage).

The take away from this if you are planning on attending a concert in Hershey during the Hershey Summer Concert Series. "JUST SAY NO!!" It's an old saying, coined by Nancy Reagan. You've probably peed on some of the plastic urine guards that had such a logo. But, it's good advice if you will be attending one of these concerts.

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