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Retroactive Application of New U.S. Sentencing Guidelines for Crack Cocaine

The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 Applies New Standards to Crack Cocaine Sentences- Means Many Sentences Will Have to be Revisited and Changed

On June 30, 2011, the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to give retroactive effect to its proposed permanent amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines that implements the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Retroactivity would take effect on November 30, 2011, unless Congress acts to disapprove.

The purpose of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 was to "recognize the fundamental unfairness of federal cocaine sentencing policy..." However, not every offender will be entitled to a reduction. The Commission estimates that approximately 12,000 offender may be eligible for a sentence reduction. The average sentence reduction will be 37 months or just over 3 years.

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