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What to Do When You've Gotten a Traffic Ticket in PA

I just got pulled over and cited for speeding in PA, now what do I do?...I'm from another state.

I often field calls from clients that are seeking advice on what to do when they've received a citation from PA. Here's what NOT to do:

1) Become argumentative with the officer;

2) Ask the officer if the offense carries points in your home state...most do not know and therefore, will not often provide you with good advice anyway;

3) Crumple up the ticket and forget about it;

Here's what you SHOULD DO;

1) Contact an attorney to find out if the offense in PA will carry points, a suspension, or revocation of your license in your home state;

2) Plead "Not Guilty," even if you think you've been cut a break, and mail the citation in with the full amount of the ticket or $50 (if no amount filled in), plus $7 for the cost of the hearing; and

3) Secure a certified copy of your current driver's licensing record in your home state. If that's Pennsylvania, here's the link to do it quickly and cheaply:

PA Driving History

At Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC we look forward to assisting out-of-state drivers with their traffic tickets and other licensing concerns. It should be no surprise that an offense in PA may affect your license status in your home state.