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Child on Child crimes

W. Pa. middle schooler fondled another, police say

PA State Wire
Published: Yesterday

GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) - Police have charged a 13-year-old western Pennsylvania middle school student with fondling a 12-year-old student when they sneaked away to a band equipment room during school hours.

Greensburg police aren't identifying the suspect charged in Westmoreland County Juvenile Court. They say his actions are criminal even though the younger female student consented to the fondling because, under the law, she is deemed too young to consent.

Police tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the incident happened Dec. 16 after the students met in a hallway and walked together to the band room at Greensburg Salem Middle School. The school is about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh.

The school board will also investigate and could discipline the boy with penalties up to expulsion.

Under Title 42 Pa.C.S. Section 6301, et seq., also known as the Juvenile Act, a child is defined as one who is under the age of 18 years or is under the age of 21 years who committed an act of delinquency before reaching the age of 18 years. The purpose of juvenile proceedings is to seek treatment, reformation and rehabilitation, and not to punish, and to this end, the juvenile court system is designed to provide distinctive procedure and setting to deal with the problems of youth. In most instances, the juvenile offender will not be placed into a confined setting. Rather, if they have no history of committing offenses, are subject to rehabilitative efforts, have a reasonably well-adjusted social life and family support system in place, they will be placed into a probationary setting and allowed to remain in the community.

The punishment that they may receive through a school setting is separate and apart from any sentence that they may receive through the juvenile justice system.

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