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Child Pornography- Sentencing

W. Pa. man sentenced for child porn collection

PA State Wire
PITTSBURGH (AP) - A western Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to federal prison for his extensive child pornography collection after telling a judge he developed some "unfortunate tastes" while working with computers since he was a teen.

Twenty-three-year-old Andrew Kincaid, of Baden, will spend three years in prison and another 10 years under court supervision, in the sentence imposed Tuesday by Senior U.S. District Judge Gustave Diamond.

Federal prosecutors say Kincaid began collecting child pornography at age 13 and eventually had 100 images and 300 videos.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says the sentence was less than half that recommended by federal guidelines. Kincaid was given credit for his steady work history, mostly on computers, telling the judge, "I'd been around them my whole life, though I did develop some unfortunate tastes."

In Pennsylvania, "Sexual Abuse of Children" is a felony of the second degree. under the Pa Crimes Code, it's when a person "causes or knowingly permits a child under the age of 18 years to engage in a prohibited sexual act or in the simulation of such act ... if such person knows, has reason to know or intends that such act may be photographed, videotaped, depicted on computer or filmed." The act of "knowingly" photographing or filming such acts is similarly prohibited under the same subsection.

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