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Too Drunk to Complain!


DENVER (AP) - Police in a Denver suburb say a woman was arrested for drunken driving after she complained to officers about how they parked their patrol cars as they were investigating a DUI-related crash.

Trevor Materasso of Westminster police told KMGH-TV that 49-year-old Katherine Morse was taken into custody after she walked up to police trying to move a car in the crash Sunday.

Materasso says police had parked their cars to prevent a suspected drunk driver in the crash from leaving the scene. He says officers told Morse to return to her car and she became "belligerent with them, telling them it was a stupid place" for a traffic stop.

Materasso says that's when officers realized "she too was drunk."

Morse also faces obstructing police charges.

It is important to never drink to excess, especially when you will be driving. Police need probable cause to arrest you for Driving Under the Influence. Probable cause can come from a variety of sources, such as your appearance, walk, odor and your demeanor. It is never a good idea to initiate the encounter with the police when you have been drinking and driving. If you've been arrested or facing charges for DUI, contact an experienced attorney. Log onto or call us toll free at (717) 268-4287 or contact Attorney Pasqualini directly.