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Speeding Penalties and Work-zones

There are points for speeding and suspensions for exceeding the maximum speed limit in Work-zones.

With summer comes roadwork- they go together like hotdogs and baseball. Folks travelling to work and to vacation hot spots will undoubtedly come into contact with the ubiquitous flashing orange cones that stand guard along the highways of PA. However, there are special penalties that also come with speeding in work zones.

The typical speeding penalties under the PA Motor Vehicle Code carry points as follows:


6-10 2

11-15 3

16-25 4

26-30 5

31-over 5 (and a departmental hearing and sanctions)

But, did you also know that there are suspensions as well? Here, the Vehicle Code provides:

Suspension of operating privilege.--In addition to other provisions of this title relating to the suspension or revocation of operating privileges, the department shall suspend for 15 days the operating privileges of any person who for a violation in an active work zone is convicted under:

  1. Section 3361 where the department has received an accident report submitted pursuant to Section 3751 (relating to reports by police); or
  2. Section 3362 (relating to maximum speed limits) by exceeding the posted speed limit by 11 miles per hour or more. A conviction report received by the department which indicates that the violation of section 3361 or 3362 occurred in an active work zone shall create a presumption that the violation occurred in an active work zone.

If you've been ticketed for speeding in PA along a major route that was "under construction" at the time, do not simply plead guilty. You could be setting yourself up for a 15 day license suspension. Also, don't think that because you are an out-of-state driver that the points or suspension won't follow you. It can and it usually will. Call an experienced traffic attorney first at Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC at (717) 268-4287.