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Father's Rights in Child Custody Proceedings

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There is no longer a presumption that children should remain with their mother.

By Attorney Jeffrey B. Engle, Family Law Attorney, Harrisburg, PA

Gone are the days of the "stay at home mother" that always gets custody of the children. Fathers have and deserve the same rights as mothers do when it comes for caring for a child. In today's modern world, both parents work to support their families, and in some instances, the stay at home parent is the father, not the mother. This is a significant change in the family dynamic and, unfortunately, the laws have not been able to keep up with the times.

Do Father's Matter in Kid's Lives?

Yes, and having an attorney that will fight for your Father's Rights and who is an experienced Father's Rights advocate is necessary to protect the special bond that exists between a father and his children. Study after study show that there exist a variety of negative effects on children that do not have a father in their life, such as:

  • Children without fathers are more likely to use illegal drugs, tobacco or use alcohol;
  • Children without fathers are more likely to be involved in criminal activity;
  • Children without fathers are more likely to be involved in sex and teenage pregnancy;
  • Kids without father's are more likely to drop out of school;
  • Children without fathers are less likely to get a college education;
  • Kids with no dad are less likely to have higher paying jobs later in life;
  • Children from fatherless families are more likely to commit domestic violence;
  • The majority of teenage murderers come from fatherless families.

Without a strong father relationship in a child's life, a child has little chance to succeed and become a productive member of society. Nothing in life is worth fighting for more-this is your child's life and well-being that hangs in the balance. Knowing what the pitfalls are in a case of father's rights and custody is imperative to setting the stage for success.

Common Mistakes Fathers Make:

  • Moving out of the home where the children live;
  • Living in a messy home or a studio apartment without sufficient living space for the child(ren);
  • Moving frequently;
  • Not holding down a steady job;
  • Not being involved with their kids' activities;
  • Not being involved in medical, educational, or religious decisions;
  • Giving up on their children because the case becomes long and protracted.

In most instances, a father will be able to obtain equal physical custody of a child(ren) where they have been involved with the children and there are not extreme issues, such as domestic violence, long geographic separations, or drug and/or alcohol abuse.  You should contact an attorney to discuss your rights and your ability to seek more custody or your kids.  You may contact Shaffer & Engle Law Offices, LLC toll free or email us today.

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