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U.S. Attorney General Changes in Policy Have Been Qualified

The U.S. AG's policy on mandatory minimum and recidivist enhancements for drug offenses is retroactive.


The U.S. Attorney General recently qualified his August 12, 2013 memorandum to all Federal prosecutors. (See link to my blog entitled "U.S. Attorney General Changes in Policy"). That memo, now provides that the policy announced on August 12, 2013 be made retroactive in certain instances.

The policy on determining mandatory minimum sentences and recidivist enhancements for drug offenses is now to be applied, not only to charges yet to occur, but to the following:

  • For cases charged and awaiting an adjudication of guilt;
  • For cases in which guilt has been adjudicated and a sentence has yet to be imposed;
  • It does not apply to cases in which a sentence has already been imposed.

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