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The "Don'ts" If You're Suspected Of A Sex Crime

The first thing you need to do is think like a lawyer.  Take it seriously and contact counsel to be in your corner before charges are filed.  After they are filed, it's often too late to avoid the consequences of a public notification.

  • Don't go it alone- get counsel.  It doesn't make you look guilty.  It's a constitutional right.  Use it to your advantage.  
  • Don't have contact with the alleged victim.  Block them from your phone, texts, messaging, social media sites and avoid contact at all costs. No contact means directly or indirectly.  Don't speak to their friends either.
  • Don't go to the police station without counsel.  Just because the police call you and want to hear "your side" of the story, doesn't mean that they will really listen to your side.  They may just be after additional evidence to strengthen their case against you.
  • Don't let the police search any of your electronic devices without a warrant.  Make sure that they have the warrant in their hands and it's signed by a Judge.  Review the statement of probable cause that's attached to the warrant.
  • Don't fall for the lie detector fallacy.  The police are going to want you to meet with them to take a lie detector test.  Don't convince yourself you can pass the lie detector.  You may fail it even if you're 100% innocent.  You're going to be nervous, afraid and be very vulnerable to their questioning.