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Engle Named Independent General Counsel for the Harrisburg ICA

At its meeting held on April 24, 2019, the Harrisburg Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (“ICA”) named Jeffrey Engle, Esq. as its independent general counsel. The ICA consists of a five member board of volunteers appointed by leaders of State Government–the Governor, Senate president pro tempore, speaker of the House, Senate minority leader and House minority leader. These members include David Schankweiler, Audry Carter, Tina Nixon, Ralph Vartan and Kathy Speaker MacNett. All appointees must either live or have a business located in the City.

The ICA was formed by legislation known as Act 124 of 2018. Its objective is to oversee the City Government’s financial condition and make recommendations to improve the City’s financial outlook. The City ended up in receivership in 2011 after the Harrisburg incinerator debacle. Act 47 allows the City to levy a 2% earned-income tax on residents–double the normal rate. Also, it allows for a local services tax that is triple the normal amount. However, both of these taxes will end with the Act 47 plan in 2023. This five year window allows time to increase the City’s revenue to fill the gap. The ICA will help oversee this process.

To assist in its goals, the ICA put out requests for proposals (“RFP”) for an executive director, a website designer, independent general counsel and an auditor. Engle was selected at the April 24th meeting after reviewing several RFP’s from various attorneys.

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