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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic and Obtaining Necessary Legal Services

“Stay-at-Home” Orders from every sector of the government have added a layer of need for legal clients. We have ways to assist and get you into Court.

There is no doubt that over a ten-week period (“curve-flattening”) since the Governor’s Disaster Proclamation on March 6, 2020, that many legal clients will face many concerns about getting legal help. Court closures by both the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and local county courts, do not halt the need for appropriate and timely legal services. For instance, although many procedural rules have been suspended, it is still necessary to file at least a writ of summons in civil matters to toll the running of the statute of limitations (time limit to bring suit). Many are stuck in jails in limbo awaiting their next hearing. Courts have suspended the running of Rule 600 (time limits for bringing a defendant to trial). All these things do not mean that a lawyer cannot be an effective tool.

What are the ways a lawyer can help me right now?

  • Offering to meet via close circuit television or Zoom® for meetings are one way around the “Stay-at-Home” order. We can discuss your case and offer feedback as to how to best fix the problem, at least for the time being.
  • Courts are still conducting some hearings via remote access, IE: Zoom®, Microsoft Team®, etc.
  • Criminal matters can be addressed for persons needing bail or for those that have been immuno-compromised or have a severe illness, such as lung disease, diabetes, and heart or pulmonary issues.
  • Custody issues may be addressed for those requiring emergency assistance due to a risk of harm to minor children, flight of a parent from the jurisdiction, or issues relating to custodial times in the given climate.
  • The Courts are open to those who have computerized access to file on court websites. Many attorneys have access to these sites based upon yearly subscriptions as a licensed attorney.

We are prepared and ready to assist with your legal needs. Contact us and we can schedule a Zoom® meeting. It’s simple. You download the free app for a Mac, iPhone, Windows, Chromebook, or Android on a laptop computer or your smartphone, we’ll send you an evite for an appointment, you click on the URL at the appointment time and…boom, you’re talking to one of us live as if you were in the office!