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Supreme Court Declares All PA Courts Closed Until April 6, 2020

By Order dated March 18, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has declared that ALL Pennsylvania Courts are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. This includes all magisterial district courts, courts of common pleas, and the Appellate Courts- Superior, Commonwealth, and Supreme. Further, any and all time calculations for computation of relevant court cases or other judicial business, as well as deadlines, are suspended through April 3, 2020. Any matter that was due during this time period will be deemed timely filed if filed on April 6, 2020.

Courts are still permitted, however, to address emergency matters in coordination with the guidelines issued by the Commonwealth and federal government. In other words, telecommunications or other “online” hearings may be held so that the risk of potential COVID-19 exposure is nullified.

Police officials likewise have begun engaging limited involvement in their communities. This includes not investigating major crimes. If a non-major incident occurs, police will likely take a report and issue a summons (citation or complaint) in the mail. Police are permitted to issue citations or summonses for crimes that are a misdemeanor 2 or lower and the alleged defendant is a resident of the Commonwealth. Police jurisdictions are attempting to limit police and community exposure to the virus.

Our offices will remain available to respond to calls and emails during this critical time period. You may contact us via email at our “Contact Us” location on our website or continue to leave voicemails. We are checking them daily.