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What if my alibi is weak?

When police question you in connection with a crime, it is often in your best interest to remain silent. In fact, when police ask where you were at X time and on X day, both a weak and strong alibi can hurt you. Talk with an attorney before answering any questions, including alibi questions. For example, if your alibi is strong and easy to verify, you do no harm by consulting with an attorney first. You can always offer your alibi to police later if it is that easy to verify.

What am I allowed to spend child support on?

Like many custodial parents in Pennsylvania, you rely on child support to help you raise your children. You might have heard conflicting but well-meaning advice from your friends and family members about how you are allowed to spend your child support. Your ex-spouse may criticize your spending and threaten to report you to family law court if he or she disagrees on where the money is going. Understandably, this could have you worried about the consequences of misspending child support or whether your spending will be monitored.

3 tips for managing your emotions during a high-conflict divorce

It's a sad reality that some divorces unravel into nasty and bitter battles. Even if you are a strong and resilient person, the toxicity and negativity can overwhelm you. If you are heading towards or embroiled in a high-conflict divorce, you may wonder how you are going to make it through.

3 ripple effects of a white collar conviction

Being charged with a white collar crime is no small matter. While it may lack the stigma of drug charges or other types of crimes, the consequences may be no less severe. Offenses such as bank fraud, embezzlement and RICO violations all have the potential to land you in prison and majorly disrupt your life.

Differences in Pennsylvania juvenile and adult defense

If your child has been charged with an offense and is destined for a trip through the juvenile justice system, one of your concerns may be whether he or she will be treated the same as an adult. The answer is that unless your child is charged as an adult, he or she should have an experience that focuses more on help and rehabilitation and less on punishment.

What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a crime against property. The key aspect that differentiates it from other types of theft is that the accused had legal access to money belonging to another.

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