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  • Right to Speedy Trial
    Right to Speedy Trial

    In Pennsylvania, the rules of court provide that a criminal defendant must be brought to trial from the date of the filing of a formal complaint within 365 days. In the event the criminal defendant is ...

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  • "Protective Sweeps" an Exception to the Warrant Requirement

    Recently, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in Commonwealth v. Tuggles , 58 A.3d 840 (December 20, 2012) held that it was appropriate for an officer to conduct a protective sweep of the interior ...

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  • I've Been Acquitted of Criminal Charges- Now What?
    I've Been Acquitted of Criminal Charges- Now What?

    There's a quote that fits..."so where can I go to get my good name back?" By Attorney Jeffrey B. Engle , Managing partner I recently represented an individual that was wrongfully accused of a crime ( ...

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