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  • Date Rape and the Defense of 'Mistake of Fact'
    Date Rape and the Defense of 'Mistake of Fact'

    I have dealt with many sexual assault cases in the past where there is a genuine mistake of the fact as to whether or not the victim has consented to the particular circumstances that lead to the ...

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  • What is
    What is "Date Rape?"

    “Date Rape” has evolved in meaning over the past 50 years. In the past, the crime of “date rape,” usually meant that a young woman went out on a date with a young man that she had just met or has ...

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  • What is Meant by
    What is Meant by "Deviate" Sexual Intercourse?

    In Pennsylvania, there are crimes based upon whether the acts occurred were "deviate." But, what does that mean? There is often confusion when one of my clients is charged or investigated for a crime ...

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