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Expungement Attorneys in Harrisburg

Helping You Recover Your Life Following a Conviction

Being arrested or convicted of any crime can negatively affect your life for far longer than the initial consequences. Even if your punishments were not severe, you may find that the aftermath of a conviction makes your life significantly harder. You may not be able to gain employment or you may have difficulty finding a place to live. As a result, many of our clients at Shaffer & Engle ask us whether or not they are eligible for expungement or record clearing. Expungements are very rare for Pennsylvania residents, which is why our Harrisburg criminal defense attorneys work with clients to seek alternative solutions.

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Understanding Expungements in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, expungement conditions are different than many other states’ and are only granted under special circumstances. For example, expungements occur when someone is 70 years old and has been arrest-free for 10 years or if someone has been dead for 3 years. These scenarios are not very helpful for most people who are looking for ways to regain their lives and move on from their past.

Fortunately, our firm can help you explore other legal avenues, which may include:

  • State pardons
  • Limited access
  • Federal pardons

Explore an Alternative to Expungement for Pennsylvania Residents

In the state of Pennsylvania, you can apply for a governor's pardon to "void" your past criminal record. However, the application to be filed with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons is quite complicated. If a hearing is granted, your case is reviewed and the board decides whether or not they recommend that you will receive a pardon. Once the governor receives and signs your application, your criminal record would essentially be voided.

If a pardon is obtained, you may benefit from the following:

  • Eligibility restored for occupational and professional licenses
  • Restoration of your right to possess and bear firearms
  • Eligibility restored to have a concealed carry permit
  • Enhanced employment opportunities

A pardon application must be extremely accurate and well-written to give you the best chance of being granted a hearing. It is therefore essential to work with a skilled Harrisburg pardon lawyer who has experience petitioning the board and is aware of the deadlines and requirements involved.

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