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Kidnapping Lawyers in Harrisburg

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Oftentimes, when we hear the word kidnapping, we think of a minor child being taken from their parent or guardian. Although this is the most common type of kidnapping, it is not the only one. Kidnapping can occur in a wide range of scenarios and, regardless of the circumstances, it is charged as a felony in the first degree.

As a violent felony, depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense, kidnapping can bring harsh penalties such as up to 20 years of imprisonment. If you have been charged with or arrested for a kidnapping offense, you should speak with a Harrisburg criminal defense attorney right away.

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Understand Pennsylvania's Criminal Laws

Kidnapping occurs when one person removes another person unlawfully and moves them a substantial distance from where they were. This offense may also be used to charge a person who allegedly confined another person in a place of isolation for a substantial period of time. At Shaffer & Engle, we are fully educated on Pennsylvania’s criminal laws and statutes, which allows us to build a strong case against the prosecution.

In order to reach a conviction, the prosecution must be able to prove that you had the intent to do one of the following:

  • Hold the victim for ransom
  • Hold the victim as a hostage
  • Capture someone with the intent to terrorize them
  • Make someone else assist with another felony crime
  • Kidnap someone with the intent of causing bodily harm

Aggressively Defending Your Rights

Just because you were charged with a serious crime like kidnapping does not mean that your life is over. At Shaffer & Engle, our Harrisburg kidnapping attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience representing individuals accused of kidnapping and major felonies. We know that charges like this often arise from misunderstandings, such as mistaken identity or even false accusations. Our goal is to give you a chance at a fair trial where you can tell your side of the story.

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