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At Shaffer & Engle, we know that there is any number of reasons why people adopt. Backed by over 65 years’ combined experience, our lawyers also know how to effectively guide individuals through the complex legal process. In the state of Pennsylvania, almost anyone over the age of 18 can adopt, including a grandparent, stepparent, or any adult - whether they are single or married. If you want to adopt an individual into your family, we can help you with all your legal needs.

Our firm can help with any type of adoption case, including:

  • Grandparent adoption
  • Involuntary adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Voluntary adoption
  • Interstate adoption
  • Agency adoption
  • Closed adoption
  • Open adoption

Expanding your family can be an exciting time. It can also be confusing and overwhelming, with a significant amount of paperwork and decision-making. Let our Harrisburg adoption attorneys guide you, answer your questions, and provide you with the effective guidance you deserve.

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Termination of Parental Rights in Adoption

Regardless of the type of adoption, one or both biological parents must terminate their parental rights. Termination of parental rights can be accomplished in multiple ways, assuming the parents have agreed to let you adopt their child. This may include attending a hearing where all parties communicate that they agree to the adoption. The other way involves signing a consent form which voluntarily relinquishes their rights. However, if the parents refuse to allow the adoption, there are steps that we can take to potentially have their rights involuntarily terminated.

Circumstances which may justify termination of parental rights include:

  • Proof of incarceration
  • Failure to file for custody
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to attempt to visit the child
  • Untreated drug or alcohol addiction

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At Shaffer & Engle, we understand the many challenges that can arise during adoption. For example, one parent may contest having their parental rights terminated during the adoption process. You could also find that a mother changes their mind about giving up their baby after giving birth.

Whatever the situation may be, you can rely on us to thoroughly explain your obligations and your rights. We can help you navigate the adoption process and work through any potential problems. You can trust us to provide you with the strong representation you need.

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  • Mr. Engle took my matter as if it were his own and followed through to the end.

    “I contacted Mr. Engle back in August. My custody case had originated in Delaware in 2013 and was the final hearing was held in May of 2015. After the other party objected DE having jurisdiction, he took matters into his own hands and got PA involved - where he lives. In a panic I called Mr. Engle after being referred to him by my DE attorney. Even though I wasn't a client and I did not have an appointment scheduled, Mr Engle took the time out to hear the background information, calm me down and come to, what I thought, was a good conclusion. Fast forward 4 months later and every email, phone call and frantic visit to his office was greeted with kindness and patience...and if he was unavailable, his staff showed the same warm professionalism. I could be sure that I would hear back from him within the same business day - sometimes even on his downtime after hours - or first thing in the morning. Mr. Engle took my matter as if it were his own and followed through to the end. I would not hesitate to call on Mr. Engle again if the occasion ever arose.”


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    “We love you, Elisabeth! You are a "for real" woman!”

    Tara G.

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    “From the minute you call Jeff Engle's office, you are treated with first class respect and service. Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case. From the time of retainment, Jeff's use of electronic forms of communication keep you up to date to the minute whenever there are developments and progress in your case. This type of communication is nearly unheard of in ANY profession. Many times, I knew that Jeff was taking his personal time to communicate with me. Jeff presents himself as a very knowledgeable and able attorney with sincere personal interest in the success of your case. During times of uncertainty, having someone of Jeff's demeanor at your side will simply make you feel that no matter what the outcome may be, he is right there with you. There was not one time during the course of my case that I felt Jeff was not thoughtful and prepared for. I cannot say enough for the level of professionalism this man presents while representing you as a client.”