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Truck Accident Attorneys in Harrisburg

Providing Proficient & Personalized Representation

Trucking accident claims can involve devastating injuries, complex litigation, and significant settlements and verdicts against large trucking companies and insurance carriers. If you have suffered a serious personal injury or lost a loved one to wrongful death in a truck accident, we have the resources, skill, and dedication to effectively handle your case.

At Shaffer & Engle, we are well-versed in Pennsylvania and federal motor vehicle codes as they relate to trucking violations. Where a driver violates weight limits, has an improperly balanced load, is speeding, or has not performed routine maintenance, you may be entitled to significant compensation after an accident. You can trust our truck accident lawyers in Harrisburg to provide you with the strong representation you deserve.

It's often David vs. Goliath when going against an insurance company. We are here to even the playing field. Contact us at (717) 268-4287 for a free case evaluation.

Investigating Truck Accidents

Investigating a truck accident as soon as possible is critical to preserving your rights and opportunities for compensation. Evidence obtained through drivers’ logs or held by trucking companies could be destroyed if not immediately obtained after an accident. Our attorneys will also obtain medical records, police reports, and witness statements relevant to your case or claim.

Experienced in Complex Truck Accident Litigation

Trucking accidents often become more complex than other motor vehicle accident cases. They may involve large trucking companies, insurance carriers, and even multiple defendants. We make sure that the playing field is even when aggressively advocating for your rights to maximize compensation in your case.

Our Harrisburg truck accident attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

  • DUI accidents and drunk-driving
  • Weight restriction violations
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Driver negligence
  • Unsecured loads
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding

Our lawyers are highly skilled in both settlement negotiations as well as litigation. At the outset of your case, we begin an immediate and intensive investigation, collecting all necessary evidence including black box recording data, trucking company records, drivers’ logs, and witness statements. We also consult with experts who can help with reconstructing the events of the accident.

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It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that all necessary evidence is collected and preserved for your case. Contact Shaffer & Engle today at (717) 268-4287 to schedule your free consultation with our Harrisburg truck accident attorneys. We also serve clients throughout Dauphin County.

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  • We recommend Shaffer & Engle to everyone and anyone, even if you are unsure if you have a case.

    “Our experience with Shaffer & Engle was beyond our expectations. Elisabeth is absolutely an amazing attorney! We were expecting to get about a 50% reduction in our case, but she surpassed that and got BOTH of the traffic tickets completely thrown out! Saving us from a driver's license suspension of up to 18 months long! She's spectacular! We recommend Shaffer & Engle to everyone and anyone, even if you are unsure if you have a case. Just ask them, they will explain all of your options and in plain English so that it makes sense to you! Elisabeth is unlike any attorney we have ever met. Very open, honest and down-to- earth......she speaks her mind freely and loudly! It gave us a more comfortable feeling having her represent us and our case! Again, Thank you so much Elisabeth, we greatly appreciate all you did for us! We will call Shaffer & Engle first for all of our future legal matters!”

    Katie & Derrick

  • He has a great personality and makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

    “Mr. Engle took our case and worked diligently from the time we hired his firm until our case was resolved. In addition he kept us well informed throughout the process with emails, letters, and phone conversations. I have worked with a number of law firms in the past 10 plus years and Attorney Engle is one of the best. He does not make you feel as if you are a burden to him when you ask questions. He has a great personality and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. He makes no promises due to the fact he is not a fortune teller but he will do everything possible to have a positive outcome for your case. I recommend Attorney Engle and his Law Firm and hold nothing but positive praise for him and his team.”

    Paul W.

  • We love you, Elisabeth! You are a "for real" woman!

    “We love you, Elisabeth! You are a "for real" woman!”

    Tara G.

  • His knowledge and planning has delivered desired results.

    “Jeff's advice is accurate. His knowledge and planning has delivered desired results. His responses and communications are above expectations. Everyone at Shaffer and Engle law are very helpful. I am glad to have met Jeff and his team. Thanks for your Help.”


  • Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case.

    “From the minute you call Jeff Engle's office, you are treated with first class respect and service. Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case. From the time of retainment, Jeff's use of electronic forms of communication keep you up to date to the minute whenever there are developments and progress in your case. This type of communication is nearly unheard of in ANY proffession. Many times, I knew that Jeff was taking his personal time to communicate with me. Jeff presents himself as a very knowledgeable and able attorney with sincere personal interest in the success of your case. During times of uncertainty, having someone of Jeff's demeanor at your side will simply make you feel that no matter what the outcome may be, he is right there with you. There was not one time during the course of my case that I felt Jeff was not thoughful and prepared for. I cannot say enough for the level of professionalism this man presents while representing you as a client.”